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Your Florida Pool in the Winter

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Your Florida Pool in the Winter

November 15, 2021 Jenn Pendrak Comments Off

If you’re new to Florida, and especially if you hail from up north, you may be wondering what to do with your swimming pool when swimming season is over.  By now, our friends in the rest of the country have covered up their pools and won’t touch them again until summer, but you will not be doing that here. In fact, you will change almost nothing about your pool care routine. 

You will continue to monitor water and chemical levels, and brush, skim, and vacuum on a regular basis. You may choose to cover your pool which will lessen the frequency for all of the above chores.  You may also find that as the rainy season ends, it’s less challenging to keep your chemicals balanced. But other than that, carry on with your usual routine and enjoy not sweating while you do it.