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The Anatomy Of A Leak Detection

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The Anatomy Of A Leak Detection

You keep adding water, and the level keeps dropping – you have a pool leak. It’s time to book a leak detection service, but what does that even mean? What is that guy doing while he swims around in your pool? It’s a good question. Here’s the answer:

Aaron’s Leak Detection is going to check the three primary components of your pool: The equipment, the structure, and the plumbing.

Three Primary Components We Check During a Leak Detection Service

Equipment: While Aaron’s does not specialize in equipment repair, we will identify any leaks or problems occurring at or around the pump and refer you to a professional who can help.

Structure: Aaron’s technicians will jump right into your pool and investigate every nook and cranny. We’ll poke into the wall jets, the lights, and the skimmers. We’ll check the drains and tile lines. If there’s a leak, we’ll find it! 90% of the time, the leaks we find will be immediately fixable, and we’ll do that, too, for no additional charge. If your leak falls into the 10% that need a more extensive repair, we’ll give you a reasonable quote or refer you to another trusted professional who can get the job done right.

Plumbing: Our technicians will test your pool’s plumbing systems, and if a leak is identified, a specialist will come out for no additional charge to pinpoint the exact location. We will provide a reasonable quote for the repair and send out a team of highly qualified repair technicians to get everything set to rights.

At every step of the way – from the first phone call to the last handshake before we go – you can expect excellent service. Our mission is to serve YOU and we take that seriously. We will take time to establish that you have a leak before scheduling (and charging!) you for our service. We will take care of your property while we’re on it and take time to fully explain what we find in your pool. We will never recommend a repair that you don’t need and we will do our best to offer you affordable options. That is the Aaron’s Way.

Interested in learning more about Aaron’s Leak Detection and our leak detection services? Contact us today.

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