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How Serious Is Pool Leaking, Anyway?

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How Serious Is Pool Leaking, Anyway?

October 19, 2023 Jenn Pendrak Comments Off

Picture this: a warm, sunny day, kids splashing around, and you lounging by your pristine pool. Sounds like a dream, right? That dream can go south quickly if your pool is leaking. While it might seem like nothing more than an inconvenience, a pool leak can turn into a much bigger problem. We’ll explore why pool leaks are problematic, the serious issues they can lead to if untreated, how to detect a pool leak, and why trusting Aaron’s Leak Detection to solve the issue can be your saving grace. If you’re a homeowner looking to save money, avoid wasting time, and get expert help, keep reading.

What Happens If You Don’t Fix a Pool Leak?

Living in the sunny climate of Central Florida often means that a pool is an integral part of your lifestyle. It’s a center of activity for you and your family, from swimming laps for exercise to hosting parties full of friends and family. Pool leaks can turn your day of relaxation and fun into frustration, and it’s essential to understand why they are more than just a minor inconvenience.

1. Rising Water Bills: Central Florida is no stranger to sweltering heat. As you strive to keep your pool cool and refreshing, a leak can be deceptively costly. Slow, undetectable leaks can lead to a constant drain on your water supply and wallet, and in a region with hot summers, this can add up significantly. Not to mention that the constant need to refill your pool is time-consuming and one more thing on your to-do list. The sooner you find and solve your leak, the less painful your water bill will be. 

2. Structural Damage: When water escapes from your pool, it can seep into the surrounding soil, causing soil erosion, ground settlement, and problems with the structural integrity of your pool. The wet ground shifts and becomes unsteady for any infrastructure on or in it, including the pool. Even with an excellent landscape drainage system, this can result in expensive repairs or even a complete pool overhaul. If water gets into or around other structures in your yard, such as furniture, landscaping elements, and nearby buildings, the damage could be significant. Imagine a warped deck requiring replacement or your brick walkway becoming unstable—fixing those problems is far more expensive and time-consuming than repairing a pool leak caught early. Even components of the pool system could be affected. Water getting into the wrong part of a pump could disable it. 

3. Chemical Imbalance: In Central Florida’s warm climate, maintaining your pool’s chemical balance is paramount. A leaking pool can lead to imbalances in chemical levels, turning it into a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. As you refill the pool with water, there is a dilution of the existing chemicals. If this is not fixed, then the effectiveness of the chemical treatment present is decreased. The likelihood you develop contamination issues goes up, meaning you may end up with quite the mess! You’ll need to add more chemicals to maintain the balance. Unfortunately, this results in an increase in the maintenance effort and cost of keeping your pool crystal clear and safe for swimming. Additionally, the higher rate of chemical use means you have to buy products more frequently. Between the cost of time and chemicals, a pool leak more than adds up. 

4. Environmental Impact: There are always concerns about water conservation. Excessive water loss due to pool leaks isn’t just bad for your finances; it’s also detrimental to the environment. Conserving water is essential, and a leaking pool can waste thousands of gallons each year.

How to Find a Leak in a Pool

The sooner you can catch a leak, the sooner you can fix it and prevent ongoing, costly side effects. Early detection is the key to preventing these issues from spiraling out of control. Start investigating the moment you become aware of a possible leak, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. There are a few steps you can take to investigate when you’re concerned about leaks.

1. Water Loss Measurement Test: For this common pool leak detection test, fill your pool to its normal level, turn off the pump, and mark the top of the water line with a pencil. This gives you a baseline or starting point for where the normal height should be. After turning the pump back on, let the pool run normally for a few days, and then turn it off and compare the new water level with your original pencil mark. If the difference is more than ¼ inch per day of the test, meaning more than ½ inch for two days and more than ¾ inch for three days, that indicates you’re losing more than you should, and there’s likely a leak. Check out our detailed instructions to give it a try!

2. The Bucket Test: Given the region’s humidity and high evaporation rates, the bucket test is useful in Central Florida. It’s a variation on the method above. First, set a weighted bucket on a step in the pool and fill it with water to the same level as your pool. Mark the water level inside the bucket and on the outside, then leave it in the pool for a few days. If the pool water level drops more than the water inside the bucket, you likely have a leak. Be sure to perform this test on a day when the weather is typical of Central Florida and account for rain as well as activity in the pool, such as children playing.

3. Check for Visible Signs: Look for cracks, wet spots, or soft areas around the pool deck. These can be indicators of a leak, especially if it’s somewhere you wouldn’t expect moisture. Be sure to check more distant points like the pump and any other pool equipment. Visible examination of the pool should be a part of your regular maintenance routine, whether you are worried about a leak or not.

4. Professional Leak Detection: Central Florida’s unique climate can make it challenging for homeowners to pinpoint leaks accurately. With so many components to any given pool, this is where a professional company like Aaron’s Leak Detection comes in. Our experts have specialized tools and knowledge tailored to Central Florida’s climate, and we can catch even the smallest causes.  

Why Professional Leak Detection Saves the Day

As a busy homeowner who wants to avoid unnecessary expenses and repairs, hiring Aaron’s Leak Detection is a wise choice. Our team understands the unique challenges that Central Florida’s climate presents. With two decades of experience, we’ve refined how to detect a pool leak, accurately diagnose the specific problem, and repair the issue, often on the same day. Hiring a professional leak detection service provides an edge in detecting and solving pool leaks through state-of-the-art equipment designed to find even the most elusive leaks accurately. This becomes especially important with the pipes, which are more difficult to pinpoint. With our swift response time and detection, it eliminates the hassle of waiting days for someone to show up, then days more to fix the issue before you can finally enjoy your pool again. 

We also educate all our customers throughout the process so that you know exactly what’s being done, what the results are, and what the proposed solution is. Transparency is key in ensuring everyone is on the same page so you don’t end up with a surprise! The specialists at Aaron’s Leak Detection love giving customers peace of mind by knowing they’re being cared for by never making you feel silly for asking questions; we want you to have all the information you need! Once we’ve identified the issues, we won’t leave you in the dark. Our team will present you with clear and effective solutions to address each problem. Whether it’s a minor repair, a component replacement, or a larger-scale structural fix, we’ll outline the steps required to get your pool back in pristine condition.

Thankfully, most leaks we find are able to be repaired while we’re there at no additional cost. Since we don’t work on commission, you will never need to worry about wasting money on unneeded repairs. Even if the solution can’t be performed right then, we’ll provide you with a quote and clear information on the proposed fix so that you feel supported and informed in your decision. You’ll know the exact cost and scope of the work before we proceed, and you will not be stuck with a bill for services you didn’t commit to.

For Aaron’s Leak Detection, our primary goal is your satisfaction. We’re dedicated to delivering not only accurate leak detection but also an honest deal. Our commitment to transparency and education sets us apart. We believe that an informed homeowner is better equipped to protect their investment, save money, and enjoy a worry-free pool experience in beautiful Central Florida.

There’s a reason Aaron’s Leak Detection has nearly 1,000 fantastic reviews on Google for pool leak detection near Central Florida! Get a trusted partner in keeping your pool running smoothly. Call us at (407) 924-9888 to book a service visit so you can swim worry-free!