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Swim Study

Swim Study

September 27, 2021 Jenn Pendrak Comments Off

We’ve talked about the benefits of taking a swim break between school and homework, but another great suggestion is to swim WHILE doing homework. Plenty of studies have shown that connecting learning with movement can help it to stick.  Water and books may not seem to mix well, but there are plenty of ways around this.  Suggest that your student…

  • Keep their book and a towel on the side of the pool and kick their legs while keeping their upper body dry.
  • Work on the patio and alternate between book and swimming.  Do 5 problems, swim 2 laps!
  • Have a family member read out test review questions while you tread water.

Get creative and come up with even more fun ways for your learners to connect facts and movement while also cooling off after a long day at school!