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Is My Pool Leaking, Or Is It Something Else?

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Is My Pool Leaking, Or Is It Something Else?

October 5, 2023 Jenn Pendrak Comments Off

Your pool is an escape from the stress of everyday life—unless you suspect it’s leaking. It can be difficult to tell if the change in water level is slow or subtle. It’s normal for some water loss to occur due to the splash of a cannonball or evaporation on a hot day, but your pool shouldn’t need frequent top-offs. We’ll go over key factors to investigate to determine if your pool is leaking, what could cause it, how to repair it, and why hiring professional leak detection makes all the difference.

Does My Pool Have a Leak, or Is It Evaporation?

Some water loss on a regular basis can be normal depending on evaporation. In dry seasons, evaporation is more noticeable, though it occurs throughout the year. It shouldn’t account for more than a quarter inch per day. If you find yourself routinely seeing inches of water loss in your pool, even after you’ve refilled it, chances are you’re dealing with a leak. 

How to Detect a Pool Leak

Start by scanning the area around the pool, looking for signs of a water trail where there shouldn’t be one or damage to the pool structure. If you have a pool that is on or near concrete, it may be easy to see where the area is wet, but if your pool is on soft ground, such as dirt or grass, feel around for damp spots. Next, check each component of the pool’s support system and structure. From the lining to the pump, look for signs of water escaping where it shouldn’t. This is where it’s important to understand how each piece should connect, function, and appear, or you may not easily identify when something is amiss. 

To detect pool leaks, a timed test can be a good way to monitor your water levels to see if things are changing beyond what you’d expect. Fill the pool so that it is at its normal water level to create a baseline. Mark the current water line with a pencil on the wall of your skimmer canister—just don’t use something permanent like a Sharpie! You will need to disable the pump while you make your mark so the water isn’t fluctuating and your line will be accurate. Next is the hard part: waiting several days to see what happens. Once enough time has passed, turn the pump off again and check the marker to see exactly how much water loss has occurred. Measure the distance between the original water line and where it currently is using a ruler. If the pool has gone unused and there’s still a significant lowering of the water line by more than half an inch, you probably have a leak on your hands. Don’t forget to account for rain; if the pool is uncovered and you get precipitation during the test, it can lead to a false negative! If children or pets have been taking advantage of the pool, chances are there’s a little extra water loss, so accounting for that is important. 

Be aware that running a pool heater increases evaporation speed, leading to reduced water levels. This can be tested by disabling the heater for a couple of days and seeing whether or not the water level changes. If it was dropping while the heater was running but not once it was shut down, that indicates it was expected evaporation and not a leak. Lucky you! 

If you’re not so lucky, a thorough investigation should take place. This includes getting in the pool and checking every fixture, jet, light, and drain. Leaks can be sneaky, and it takes detailed prodding to ensure you find the reason! The time required to fully assess your pool for leaks can be lengthy, depending on the size and type of pool, which is one reason why hiring a trusted professional is a great move. Aaron’s Leak Detection has decades of experience that have led to a detailed but streamlined process of finding each potential problem spot so that you get answers without wasting hours! 

What Causes Pools to Leak?

Because pools are a series of materials and systems that function together, the places those individual components meet are often the sources of the leaks! Think of where the wall of a pool connects to a light housing or where the pump and line connect. Those junctures are the most likely to have gaps or imperfections, and any small opening can lead to water loss that ultimately affects the pool. These barely visible causes can be hard to find and are why swimming pool leak detection can be frustrating and time-consuming. Openings occur as a result of wear and tear, improper installation, and simply the universe testing your patience. True damage to your pool and its support system is very rare, accounting for less than 10% of the pools we investigate. 

How Can You Repair a Pool Leak? 

Fixing the problem depends entirely on the source of the leak. It’s common for the problem to be related to a poor connection between two different pieces or materials. Even a small imperfection or gap in coupling creates a space for water to escape. When that happens, the space needs to be sealed off, which is often possible with an underwater epoxy that Aaron’s Leak Detection specializes in. It’s rare that the cause of the leak is truly a broken component, such as a cracked pipe or torn lining, but when that’s the case, it may require replacement of the component. 

Why Is Quick Detection and Repair of Pool Leaks Important?

Water isn’t cheap—and the longer your leak goes on, the more of it you lose and the more water you have to replace. The same goes for the pool chemicals that need to be added every time you refill the pool to prevent dilution. A leaking pool can also damage surrounding areas, cause corrosion of nearby structures, and even lead to land drainage issues like erosion due to water buildup. The longer a leak goes on, the worse it can become, meaning the repair becomes exponentially more difficult and expensive. Quick resolution saves you money while getting your family and friends back in the pool faster! That’s why Aaron’s Leak Detection prioritizes quick service—when you call or contact us online, we work to be at your house the same day. 

Why Hiring a Skilled Leak Detection Service Saves the Day

Let’s be honest—you don’t want to spend your free time frustrated and annoyed trying to track down a leak, but you also don’t want to spend money on what could be a non-issue. That’s why Aaron’s is your trusted partner! Even if cost isn’t a concern, you might feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, much less what to do when you find the source of the problem. Then comes the hassle of figuring out how to fix it, getting the materials, and spending even more time doing the work. Pool leak detection is an investigation process we’ve nailed down!

Aaron’s Leak Detection are experts in finding the source of the problem and repairing it. The majority of the leaks we locate are immediately fixable, as 90% can be solved through underwater epoxy that can be applied during your leak detection appointment. These types of repairs are included in the fee for your leak detection service, which is something no other company in the Central Florida area offers. You not only get a quick answer but an on-the-spot resolution for most leak causes—meaning more pool time for you. 

With years of experience, Aaron’s Leak Detection knows how to swiftly identify the issue and outline a solution. We pride ourselves on honesty and treating our customers as we would our family. If it’s something that can be quickly resolved, which it often is, we don’t artificially inflate the problem to charge you more for a fix. We’re not commission-based, so you never have to worry about being charged for unnecessary services. When you ask us, “Is my pool leaking?” you’ll get the truth—even if it means you don’t need our service! 

You can trust Aaron’s Leak Detection to be honest. If the solution requires something specialized or rare that isn’t within our expertise, we’ll be up-front about it and help you find the right resource. Thankfully, it’s extremely uncommon that we can’t fix the problem right away!

The purpose of having a pool is so you can relax. If you suspect your pool is losing water when it shouldn’t be, put Aaron’s Leak Detection to work for you. Don’t wait until your pool is near empty; call us at (407) 924-9888 or submit a contact form to have us on your pool deck today!