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Meet Matthew: The Leak Fixin’ Farmer

Repair Technician

Matthew joined the Aaron’s Leak Detection team in 2020 and his arrival made us even more of a family business than we already were, as his brother Jonah and Daniel are also on the team!  

Jonah and Daniel are far from being Matthew’s only siblings – they have three more!  Matthew grew up in a very traditional home and took away many lessons that have shaped his life.  He honors his father, a pro body-builder, by making weight lifting a consistent routine.  He is a part-time organic farmer and a drummer as well.  He describes himself as an “overcharged battery” always ready and energized for new places and new things.

Matthew and his beautiful wife, Cindy, tied the knot in November of 2019.  Aside from spending time with her and with the rest of his huge family, the most important thing in his life is a relationship with God.  Matthew has been called from a young age to follow in the footsteps of his savior and it bleeds into every aspect of his life.  Reading scripture and spending time with God are the most important things in his life.

We are thrilled to have Matthew as a part of the Aaron’s Leak Detection family, as we are sure you will be next time he’s out to dive your pool!

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