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Meet Luis: The 4-Alarm Leak Detective

Leak Technician

Luis was welcomed to the Aaron’s Leak Detection team in 2021 and has very quickly become a fan-favorite among our customers. Often mentioned by name in reviews and the occasional recipient of a hand-written thank you, Luis was awarded the “Shakespeare Award” at a 2022 Quarterly Meeting in recognition of his knack for inspiring poetic reviews.

A Puerto Rican native, Luis comes to us by way of Boston, Massachusetts where he worked as a firefighter and EMT. He has been enjoying the Orlando sunshine for four years now and was drawn to Aaron’s Leak Detection by the culture of radical customer service. He loves working for “this small company with a big heart.”

Luis is a dedicated family man who has been married to his beautiful wife, Evelyn, for more than 28 years. He says they met over the phone back in Boston. Together they have five grown children and so far, five grandchildren. His family boasts a wealth of personalities but they are tied together by a love of God and one another.

When he’s not providing incredible, poetry-inspiring service in your pool, you can usually find Luis enjoying sports, riding his bike, or spending time with family and friends.

We are so pleased to have Luis on the team and we’re confident that once he’s knocked on your door and patched up your pool leaks, you’ll be joining his fan club too.

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