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Meet Jonah: The International Leak-Detector-Next-Door

Leak Technician

Jonah joined Aaron’s Leak Detection in 2019 and quickly secured his place as a reliable and efficient Leak Technician.  

Born in Belize, and claiming a dual Canadian citizenship, Jonah has actually spent most of his life right here in Florida. He is a family man through and through, growing up as the third of six siblings – including his brothers, our very own Matt and Daniel!  He has been married to his wife, Krissy, for several years.  They have two golden retrievers (Finn and Bodhi) and, in October, welcomed two children.  Fun Fact: Their first child was born on Krissy’s birthday – continuing a family tradition of shared birthdays!  (Jonah shares his birthday with his brother Matt.)

Jonah is a man of many interests and talents.  He loves sports – especially college football – and considers himself a bit of a foodie.  When he’s not working, he can often be found out and about with his family, exploring new and exciting places to eat.  He dabbles in woodwork and has built most of the furniture in his home.

Jonah is the embodiment of the family spirit that Aaron’s Leak Detection is built on.  We are proud to have him on our team and to send him out to serve your leak detection needs!


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