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Meet Jenn: The Woman Behind the Curtain

Information Manager

Jenn joined the Aaron’s Leak Detection team in 2012 when Jason & Sheli reached out for some help in organizing the “back office” side of the business.  Her role has expanded over the years and she now handles everything from marketing and tech to invoicing and reporting.  

Raised as an Army Brat, Jenn hails primarily from the Pacific Northwest.  She moved to Orlando in 2005 after reconnecting with her high school crush, Michael.  They married in 2007 and quickly proceeded to have three little boys in three short years!  While Michael works at Lockheed Martin, Jenn homeschools the boys – who are not so little any more.  Michael (the younger) is endlessly curious about everything and is easily the extrovert of the family.  Ian, the monkey in the middle, is the engineer obsessed with Lego.  Levi is the youngest and is passionate about trying out every hobby under the sun.

In what spare time she has between working and teaching, Jenn loves to escape into a great book or movie, go kayaking or camping with her family, or road trip to see the sights and visit loved ones.  The family is active at University Carillon United Methodist Church.  

Although you may never see or talk to her, Jenn’s quiet efficiency behind the scenes helps to ensure that you will always receive the best service possible from Aaron’s Leak Detection.

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