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Meet Chris: The Pool-Diving (6th degree!) Black Belt

Leak Technician

On the team since 2017, Chris came to Aaron’s Leak Detection after using his talents in a number of other fields – including stage set up, lawn maintenance, and several positions within the church.  He now puts his many skills to good use with us, diving and detecting leaks!

Chris is a true Orlando native, having been born and living his entire life within the bounds of Central Florida.  He met his wife, Rachel, at Pioneers, a missionary training organization where they both worked at the time.  They have been married for over a decade and are the parents to an adorable daughter, Ember.

Chris has a passion for studying apologetics (the intellectual defense of the Christian faith) and Taekwondo.  He is a 6th degree black belt who has been training for over 25 years under the direction of the highest-ranked, non-Oriental black belts in the world.  He owns and teaches at The Way Taekwondo in Oviedo.

So whether you are looking to train in the arts of Taekwondo or find out why your pool level is dropping, Chris is the master you seek!

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