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Meet Jecoi: The kind-hearted, cool-headed leak detective.

Leak Technician

Aaron’s Leak Detection welcomed Jecoi to the team in 2021. His attention to detail and fervent desire to give the absolute best service to our customers are the hallmarks that we want to be known for!

Born in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Jecoi spent time in Maryland and Virginia before ultimately landing in Florida in 2014. He has a professional background in construction services and in customer service. When he was looking for his next opportunity he says he fasted and prayed and God opened the door to Aaron’s. Jecoi married his friend and sweetheart Shelby shortly after joining the team.

When not at work, Jecoi fills his days with volunteer work at The Potter’s House in Casselberry. He also enjoys spending time with family, exercising, reading, listening to music, and seeking ways to help others.

Truly a man of service, when you greet Jecoi and his friendly smile at your door, you can be certain you are getting the best.

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