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Do You Have A Leak?

You keep adding water and the level keeps dropping – you have a pool leak. It’s time to book a leak detection service, but what does that even mean? What is that guy doing while he swims around in your pool?
We check the three primary components of your pool: The equipment, the structure, and the plumbing.
Equipment: While Aaron’s does not specialize in equipment repair, we will identify any leaks or problems occurring at or around the pump and refer you to a professional who can help.
Structure: Our technicians will jump into your pool and investigate every nook and cranny. If there’s a leak, we’ll find it! 90% of the time, the leaks we find will be immediately fixable and we’ll do that too, for no additional charge. If your leak falls into the 10% that need a more extensive repair, we’ll give you a reasonable quote or refer you to a trusted professional partner who can get the job done right.
Plumbing: Our technicians will test your pool’s plumbing systems and if a leak is identified, a specialist will come out for no additional charge to pinpoint the exact location.
All swimming pools lose water every day through the natural evaporation process. Up to a 1/4 inch of water loss per day is completely normal.

You didn’t plan on spending your money on a pool leak so let us help you discover if you truly need our service.

Did you know, most pools are only watertight at and below the fill line?

If you are overfilling your pool, it will naturally drain down to that point. This does not mean you have a leak. 

If you aren’t sure how much waterloss your pool is experiencing, you can perform an evaporation test. 

If you picked up our business card from your local pool store or service company, we’ve created a page just for you. Our card was designed to be a useful measurement tool you can use to tell if your pool is actually leaking or simply evaporating.

If you do not have our business card to use for measurements, our taking reliable measurements document or infographic is a great second option. Follow it step-by-step and find out if your pool’s water loss is evaporation or a true leak. 

Request a Card For Taking Measurements