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Backyard Pools: Still Trending

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Backyard Pools: Still Trending

April 26, 2021 Jenn Pendrak Comments Off

The demand for backyard swimming pools was up in 2020 as many found their vacations canceled and had to look for fun closer to home.  That trend has continued into 2021.  Pool builders across the country are somewhat surprised to find that new orders are still flooding in.  Travel confidence remains uncertain and after a year of glancing back and forth between an empty backyard and a Pinterest inspiration board, many homeowners are ready to dive in.

They may have to wait to take that leap however.  That increased demand is leading to material shortages.  In addition the same supply chain issues that have plagued a variety of industries is making no exceptions for the pool industry.  Standout issues like the Texas power outage earlier this year and the recent Suez canal back up are playing a role as well.

So if a backyard pool is on your to-do list this year, get your order in quick and be prepared for the process to be a little slower and the costs to be a little higher.  But in the end, we think it’s still worth it.