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5 Reasons Swimming is Great for Teens

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5 Reasons Swimming is Great for Teens

May 16, 2022 Jenn Pendrak Comments Off

It’s National Teen Self Esteem Month and as the conversation over rising depression and anxiety in young people continues, it’s a great time to talk about some solutions and your backyard pool can be one of them! Swimming is great for everyone, but there are some specific benefits found in a few laps that can particularly help your teen.

  1. Swimming Releases Endorphins
    Getting the body moving and working those muscles, even for just 30 minutes, creates a natural high that can overcome moodiness and mental funk.
  2. Swimming Builds Endurance & Muscle
    One of the biggest sources of teen angst is poor body image. A regular swimming routine promotes a healthy body and the sense of accomplishment that comes from building strength and improving skill.
  3. Meeting Goals in the Pool Gives a Sense of Achievement
    Putting the time and energy into beating a lap time – or just beating Dad in a backyard race – can grow a sense of pride and satisfaction.
  4. Solo Swimming Offers Time for Reflection
    There’s just something about being in the water that is good for the soul and the mind. While the body is doing its thing, the mind can float a bit, work through the tangled weave of thoughts and get focused.
  5. Swimming is Fun!
    Swimming with family or friends is a great time way to build connection through fun and competition or just by floating and chatting.

Encourage your teens to get in the pool. It shouldn’t be too terribly difficult as the Florida summer starts to heat up! Better yet, jump in with them. Challenge them to a race and make them work for the win. Tread water and see if they’ll share their thoughts. Everyone will benefit!

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