Register 1


For those of you who know our reputation and are ready for the leak to stop.


Online registration can be completed in as little as 3 minutes:

  • You'll watch a brief video (about one minute) where Jason Scarborough, the owner of the company, clearly explains everything about our service, our procedures, and our repairs
  • You'll fill out a concise and simple form with information we need to give you a flat-rate price and a place in our schedule
  • You'll watch a second brief video (about thirty seconds) where Jason walks you through the details of scheduling
  • You'll know exactly what a leak detection entails, how we go about our service, how scheduling works and what our price is

When the form is completed, you'll receive:

  1. An initial email - immediately - summarizing your information and our agreement
  2. A document summarizing all of our procedures and pricing (a synopsis of the video) for your records
  3. A secondary email - within 4 business hours - issuing a date of service


We live in an incredibly exciting time when, through the use of video and a straightforward online form, our customers and our office can exchange information and ideas with as much ease and clarity as a phone conversation...


While our office closes and our technicians head home to be with their families, this registration is always open, ready to explain our service, gather your information and reserve a space for you in our calendar.


Customers who are currently adding water regularly to their pool with a water loss of .5" per day or higher


Customers who are not currently running any water features beyond a standard spa spillover.

GRAPHIC:  If this describes your situation, please click here to start the process.

GRAPHIC:  If this does not describe your situation, we apologize, but there are details regarding your unique pool that should be discussed over the phone.  Our intention is that every pool owner will eventually be able to use this convenient, high-touch service but for the time being, please call our office directly to ensure we're delivering the highest level of customer service possible.