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Going Green

Going green is all fine and well for the environment, but when it comes to your pool it can be very problematic. Unfortunately, Florida’s summer rains and the occasional hurricane can wreak havoc on your pool water’s chemical levels. You may glance out your window one day to notice the water is slightly less blue than it was. Wait another day or two (because life) and the frogs may be eyeing your new pond with envy! What’s the quickest way back from green to blue?


First, vacuum and skim out any debris. Next, brush every surface within your pool. Then shock your pool. (Use pool shock or a few gallons of chlorine - whatever your local pool store recommends.) Finally, run your pool filter. Be prepared to brush the surfaces and clean your filter daily until your pool is back to normal.

Pool Maintenance in a Power Outage

If a hurricane knocks your power out, it can be days before you get it back. Even if you are a prepared Floridian with a generator and plenty of gasoline, the pool pump is not usually the first priority for a power up. Unless you have a very powerful generator, chances are your pool may be without a pump for a few days, possibly up to a week. With school cancelled and the AC on the fritz, the kids (and you too) are likely looking to the pool for some relief. But is it safe?

The answer? It can be. Once you’ve cleared out the debris and treated the initial chemical imbalance, it is safe to swim. However without the pump to circulate, problems can develop more quickly, so you’ll want to keep an exceptionally close eye on your water chemistry. Use an at home kit or make frequent trips to your local pool store for water testing and treat any imbalances immediately to keep your pool the perfect oasis after a storm.

Rain & Your Pool

You may have noticed that it’s been a bit wet lately - like Florida has decided to catch up on six months of rain in the space of three days. That amount of rainwater can quickly have an impact on your pool. Here’s Jason with some tips on what to expect…

Have a Splashy Easter!

Take the traditional Easter Egg Hunt in a new direction this year and hide your eggs in the pool! Float them on top for a quick and easy hunt or weight them so they sink or float somewhere in the middle for a slightly more challenging experience. Either way it will be good, splashy fun!

Expert tip: It’s probably a good idea not to put the candy IN the eggs before submerging them. Have the kids trade them in for goodies after the hunt!


Spring Cleaning: The Power Wash Addition

Even if you hate cleaning, you can’t help but love pressure washing. There is something so instantly gratifying about old dirt being blasted away to reveal the shiny clean beneath. It’s cathartic! Plus, after you spend an hour or two having a blast making and erasing patterns in the dirt, you have a clean patio and and the satisfaction of a job well done.

The only downside to pressure washing around the pool is that some of that dirt inevitably ends up in your pool and your shiny clean deck joy is marred by the now-grimy pool. Never fear! Skim any large debris off the top and let your pool pump run for a few hours and you’ll be back in business with a clean pool AND a sparkling deck!


Spring Cleaning: Outdoor Furniture Edition

As the weather warms out, the backyard beckons! The kids are ready to swim and even if you’re not quite ready to jump in, you’re happy to settle in to enjoy the breeze while you supervise. Except you’re not, because as you go to sit, you realize the furniture is filthy after a winter of neglect. What to do, what to do?

As it turns out, what to do depends entirely upon the type of furniture you have! But never fear, Clean and Scentsible has a clear and concise guide to spring cleaning every type of backyard furniture - from wicker to plastic, and everything in between. Check it out, get to work, and tomorrow you can sit back and enjoy that breeze while the kids splash and play!


Spring Cleaning: Pool Toy Edition

If your house is anything like mine, the warmer temperatures have your kids jumping into a pool most afternoons. The pool toys are coming out of storage and everyone is looking for their favorite pair of goggles! And if you’re like me, that pool water is still a touch cold for your taste, so you’re still on the pool deck supervising from a safe distance - which presents the perfect opportunity for a little pool toy maintenance! After a winter in storage (okay, after a winter piled in the lesser used side of the patio) the toys could all use a good scrub down. Here’s the 411 on getting them back in good shape for another summer of fun!

  • Give everything a good scrub down with a disinfecting solution. Mix two cups of bleach with a gallon of water OR create a half and half vinegar/water solution. The bleach will be more effective, but the vinegar is easier on the nose and skin. Wipe down the entirety of all pool toys. Use a soft brush on stubborn stains.

  • Inspect squirt toys. You can suck up some of your disinfecting solution for good measure, but know that these toys are best for single season use as it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate mildew growth inside.

  • Check that your inflatables hold air and that any plastic toys are still intact. Plastic may become brittle over time, especially when stored in the harsh Florida sun. Discard anything cracked or broken edges.

  • Inventory your goggles - look over the lenses, nose pieces, and straps and seals. Toss what is deteriorated beyond use and then order whatever you need to to avoid the inevitable tussles over the one pair that everyone likes best.


Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Aaron’s Leak Detection to all of you - we pray that you have a wonderful Christmas full of family, friends, and memories!


Christmas Greetings - Florida Style

It’s Christmas card season! Time to get out the stamps and pens and glitter and spread a little holiday cheer. Photo cards are all the rage and Florida’s balmy winters provide some unique opportunities for adding a little warmth to your greetings. Take your Christmas photos next to the palm trees on the beach or by (or even IN!) your family pool. Your family will smile at the extra bit of sunshine…if they don’t turn grich-y green with envy!

Here are some adorable swimming Christmas babies to inspire YOUR photo shoot…

Eerie Ambiance

Dry ice always creates an impressive display. Add an abundance of glowing candles for an extra spooky effect.

Floating Pumpkins

A little more effort than the plastic jack-o-lanterns, but with a lot more room for creativity! Float your carved pumpkins with battery-operated tea lights inside.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The spider isn’t so itsy bitsy anymore! You’ll need lots of balloons, including some oversized ones, some string, and a helium tank - but it’s a pretty impressive display if you can pull it off! Who’s game?

Ahoy, matey!

If you’re planning a Halloween party this season, don’t leave out your swimming pool! This month keep an eye on the blog for some simple and inexpensive ways to add some silly scares to your favorite swimming hole!

First up is the simplest of all! $1 plastic jack-o-lantern pails and with glow sticks or tea lights inside - set them afloat for a colorful backdrop.

Add a Banana

To close out our month of the s'more, we bring you an option that is not, strictly speaking, a s'more.  In fact, when I was a kid we called these "banana boats".  But all the s'more components are there and they are absolutely scrumptious, so no apologies!  Enjoy!