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Pool Maintenance in a Power Outage

If a hurricane knocks your power out, it can be days before you get it back. Even if you are a prepared Floridian with a generator and plenty of gasoline, the pool pump is not usually the first priority for a power up. Unless you have a very powerful generator, chances are your pool may be without a pump for a few days, possibly up to a week. With school cancelled and the AC on the fritz, the kids (and you too) are likely looking to the pool for some relief. But is it safe?

The answer? It can be. Once you’ve cleared out the debris and treated the initial chemical imbalance, it is safe to swim. However without the pump to circulate, problems can develop more quickly, so you’ll want to keep an exceptionally close eye on your water chemistry. Use an at home kit or make frequent trips to your local pool store for water testing and treat any imbalances immediately to keep your pool the perfect oasis after a storm.

Swimming Pools Save Lives!

At least this pool saved the life of this deer, when the mountain lion chasing it was shocked by the splash! The water-adverse feline climbs out immediately, leaving the deer to paddle to safety on the other side. Reason number 687 to own a swimming pool.

Sun Screen - Spray or Cream?

In recent years, the cream-vs-spray debate has surfaced every summer, creating confusion for parents who are just trying to get their squirming kids protected the best they can.  So what IS the right answer?  

It's complicated.

Creams may be safer, but most of us don't use enough to get the advertised protection.  We are also less likely to reapply creams as often as we should.  Sprays are more convenient and therefore more likely to be applied, but dermatologists have concerns over their safety, and again we're likely not using enough to get the proper protection.  

From a practical standpoint, the best sunscreen is the one you'll use.  Whichever one you go with, make sure you apply it early and often and take care to follow the application instructions to achieve the recommended coverage.


Is your pool drain safe?

It's been 11 years since the VGB act was signed into law and public pools were required to replace old drain covers with new covers designed to prevent entrapment.  Many private pool owners followed suit, but if you have moved into an older home with a pool, you'll want to make sure that your drain cover is up to date.  How can you tell?  Old drain covers are flat and create a powerful suction force that can snag hair or other body parts and trap children at the bottom of the pool, unable to escape.  VBG compliant covers are rounded, unable to be fully blocked, therefore preventing that entrapment danger.

If you find that your drain cover is unsafe, we are happy to assist you with the replacement.  Call our office to schedule the installation!


When considering what upgrades to make to your pool each year, safety should always be priority number one.  If you've had any recent additions to the family, perhaps a new child or grandchild or even a new pet, it may be time to consider adding a pool fence.

Aaron's Leak Detection can help you with that!  We are an officially licensed dealer for Protect-A-Child pool fences, a company that fully aligns with our high standards for service and quality.

Swim Safe

With the return of warm weather, the cool of the swimming pool beckons.  And no one hears that call sooner or with more enthusiasm than the kids!  It's never to early to think about swim lessons and the benefits they provide for all young swimmers - from infants to teens.  Infants as young as six-months old can learn water survival skills, young children can learn to float and swim, and older children can begin to master different strokes and build speed and endurance.  Check with your favorite swim instructor to set up lessons, or check out Thumbtack for a list of qualified instructors in your area.


Tips to Childproof Your Pool

Having a pool at your Orlando home would definitely provide endless entertainment for your family, especially during summer. However, with fun, comes responsibility-- installing a pool means you have to prepare yourself from the ever present danger of drowning and injury, especially if there are children in your home.  These tips mentioned below, are just some of the ways you can childproof your pool.

Important Tips to Childproof Your Pool

Tip 1: Pool Alarms Can Be a Life Saver
Pool alarms should be included in the protective “layers” of your childproof pool. Wherein, the first alarm should be for the gate or door of the pool, while the second alarm can be an alarm for the around the pool area, so that you'll get notified whenever someone enters the pool. Aside from these, a lot of homeowners are also incorporating a third alarm for children that should be worn on the wrist, and sound will come out of it once it gets close contact with water.

Tip 2: A Rigid Pool Cover Will Lessen the Risks of Drowning
Aside from the alarms, rigid pool covers are also considered to be a must-have if you really want to childproof your pool. Unlike soft covers that could sink into the water because it's soft, rigid pool covers would stay strong and be able to support your child's weight, if in case he decides to climb on it.

Tip 3: Fences Are Very, Very Important
As a responsible property owner, swimming pool fences should be a part of your construction plan-- whether you have children or not. Not only will it protect your children, future children, and grandchildren from entering the pool, it would also keep your pets and any wildlife animals from drowning in the waters. Ideally, the fence should be at least 4 feet tall, and it should come with a self-latching and self-closing gate.

Tip 4: Nothing Beats Parental Supervision
Although this one may seem pretty obvious, a lot of parents still fail to follow this. Parental supervision is essential, most children, especially the younger ones, need constant monitoring at all times.

Other Childproof Tips to Consider:
You can protect your kids from drowning by making sure they won't be able to enter the pool without your consent, and here's how.
- Even if you already have a fence around the backyard, if you're living in Orlando, you'll also be required to enclose your pool with a fence that's at least 4-feet tall.
- By adding extra latches and locks to the exterior of your house, you'll be able to ensure that your child would stay inside the house unless you let him out.
- Make sure that the door alarms, as well as fence alarms are working properly at all time.
- For those with an above-ground pool, don't forget to remove the ladder when no one is swimming in the pool.

Final Words

As a homeowner and a parent, you have to ensure that your backyard pool is completely childproof. In order to make the pool safe for children, the tips mentioned above are really worth considering. Through this, you'll have the peace of mind that no accidents will ever happen even if you accidentally leave your children unattended.

Today's article was submitted by Warner Quinlan.

Festive Underwater Babies

We've brought you underwater babies before, but in this month's newsletter we bring you festive underwater babies.  These little ones are all set for Easter and share their Spring spirit in an irresistibly adorable underwater photo shoot.  The photos were taken at Water Babies, the world's leading baby swim school who seek to provide safety and confidence to the very youngest of swimmers.  

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Cold Critters

It was a bad week for livestock and a busy one for firemen as brave heroes from Oklahoma to Washington pulled floundering cows and horses from freezing cold swimming pools.  The four legged critters would like to remind all responsible pool owners that you can't go wrong with a good pool fence!  

Three R's and an S

Reading? Check.  Writing?  Check?  Arithmetic?  Check.  Swimming?  What?

There's no mistake!  The third graders at Kimball Elementary School in San Diego, California can check swimming off on their report card, because it is an official part of their yearly curriculum.  Each student will spend an hour in the pool for four weeks in a row, building their swimming skills.  An old program, once retired for budgetary reasons, has been brought back in a renewed effort to teach real-world skills in the classroom and to encourage physical activity and overall health.  

Just Keep Swimming

Don't let back-to-school stop your fun!  In Florida, even outdoor swimming can be a year round activity.  You might also consider keeping up with swim lessons for the kids which provides the benefit of skills retention, exercise, and mental stimulation - all good things for the student who aims to succeed.  There are plenty of opportunities for year-round swim instruction in Central Florida - check out the top Google hits here!

Diving Down Under

In Florida, we have gators.  In India they have cows.  In Africa, it's elephants and giraffes.  And now we have Australia checking in with their kangaroos!  There's just something about our sparkling backyard pools that calls out to the wild matter where in the world we are!  Next time, Mr. Roo, may we recommend a river?

Swim Safe

Singing in the rain?  Sure!  Dancing in the rain?  Absolutely!  Swimming in the rain?  Whoa there!

While the raindrops won't hurt you, thunder and lightening are a huge risk in Florida this time of year.  Per the National Lightening Safety Institute, "If you can see, flee it.  If you can hear it, clear it."  Words to live by.