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Add a Banana

To close out our month of the s'more, we bring you an option that is not, strictly speaking, a s'more.  In fact, when I was a kid we called these "banana boats".  But all the s'more components are there and they are absolutely scrumptious, so no apologies!  Enjoy!

S'More S'Mores

This month's Newsletter is all about fire pits, and nothing goes with a fire pit better than s'mores!  The classic recipe stands the test of time, but it's always fun to tinker a bit.  This month we're bringing you inspiration for a new spin on the old favorite.

First up - the outer layer.  The graham cracker is simple to pack and sturdy enough to support the gooey insides, but a cookie!  Oh man, a cookie just adds a whole nother layer of yum.  You can pick up your favorite fudge stripe cookie for a simple swap or go a little Martha Stewart and bake your own.  Either way the results are amazing!

The Taste of Summer

Summer has a flavor and I'm pretty sure you can find it in one of these light and refreshing beverages!  Cool your guests down with on of these fruitful delights.  Just be sure to stock up on extra ingredients because that punch bowl is going to empty fast!

On a Stick

When hosting a pool party, it's often best to keep things simple.  For food, a great way to do this is to create grab-and-go options that minimize the mess.  In other words, serve it on a stick!  You can skewer every course from the appetizer all the way to dessert and as the options are endless, it can be as kid-friendly or as fancy pants as you desire.  Check out these great ideas to get inspired!

Fruity Fun

This month's newsletter is full of tips for throwing the perfect pool party!  We're going to follow along on the blog with ideas for fun-in-the-sun snacks!  For example, if you haven't been on Pinterest recently (or ever) you may not know that there are 101 ways to serve fruit and hardly any of them involve plates or bowls.  Check it out...

Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecakes

We dare you to look at this picture and not immediately NEED a half dozen Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecakes in front of you right now.  It's not even possible!  Pumpkiny goodness combined with the amazing make-everything-better quality of Oreos?  You're will power doesn't stand a chance! 

Pumpkin Curry

Proving that pumpkin is truly a versatile vegetable, today we bring you a recipe for Pumpkin Curry.  Serve this for dinner and enjoy the sweetness of pumpkin contrasted with the heat of a good curry.

Chef John's Pumpkin Pancakes

This month's newsletter focuses on all thing pumpkin, so we're going to continue the theme in our October blogs.  Tune in every Monday for a new recipe to whet your appetite!

To kick us off, we have Chef John's Pumpkin Pancakes.  Save the recipe for a holiday brunch or whip up a batch right this very moment, but these look too good to wait!

Tis the Season indulge!  We've gathered a few recipes that will add just the right flavor to your holiday celebrations!  Florida winters may not be crisp enough to properly enjoy the standard hot chocolate, but this Frozen Hot Chocolate may be just the thing!  For the occasional crisp day, this Mulled Apple Cider will fill your home with that special seasonal aroma and set the mood for some holiday gift wrapping!  And don't forget to enjoy some peppermint treats...perhaps some Oreo Peppermint Bark, or for the slightly more adventerous, some homemade Peppermint Marshmallows!  

What are your favorite seasonal treats?  Leave a comment and share your recipe!