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Swimming Pools Save Lives!

At least this pool saved the life of this deer, when the mountain lion chasing it was shocked by the splash! The water-adverse feline climbs out immediately, leaving the deer to paddle to safety on the other side. Reason number 687 to own a swimming pool.

Why Runners Should (Also) Swim

A recent article on Runner’s World shares why runners should look no further than their backyard pool to boost their skills. Swimming provides an excellent low-impact cardio alternative both as a supplement to your regular running regimen and as an fill-in when recovering from an injury. Swimming also builds the muscles you need for running, has almost no risk of injury, and adds a little variety to your training routine. Plus it’s just plain fun and just about the only way you can work out without working up a sweat! What’s not to love?


Festive Underwater Babies

We've brought you underwater babies before, but in this month's newsletter we bring you festive underwater babies.  These little ones are all set for Easter and share their Spring spirit in an irresistibly adorable underwater photo shoot.  The photos were taken at Water Babies, the world's leading baby swim school who seek to provide safety and confidence to the very youngest of swimmers.  

Can't get enough of these cuties?  Check out a full gallery here!

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Swimming is Perfection

If you're in search of the perfect fitness routine, look no further than your backyard swimming pool.  A recent Times article quotes research that highlights swimming as a low-impact, full body workout that strengthens your lungs, improves your posture, and elevates your mood.  So give that gym membership the old heave-ho and take a dip!

Dive Deeper

What if you could indulge a passion, help others, AND break a world record?  A man in Aurora, Illinois is setting out to do all three by building the world's deepest warm water swimming pool The pool would allow for therapeutic scuba diving sessions and break the current record of 137 feet deep, held by a pool in Italy.

Cold Critters

It was a bad week for livestock and a busy one for firemen as brave heroes from Oklahoma to Washington pulled floundering cows and horses from freezing cold swimming pools.  The four legged critters would like to remind all responsible pool owners that you can't go wrong with a good pool fence!  

Warm your Heart

It's chilly out there in Central Florida, so today we bring you the heartwarming story of a baby elephant swimming his way back to health after being injured in a poacher's trap.  Take a look and feel the warmth seep from your heart all the way to your toes before you head back out in the cold!

Underwater Art

An LA art show was recently submerged in a swimming pool and visitors viewed the gallery by swimming across it wearing goggles.  Because, why not?  The show featured 18 unique pieces, but our favorite was the pile of dishes because we're definitely going to try this with the dinner plates tonight!  Nothing better than art with practical application!

Three R's and an S

Reading? Check.  Writing?  Check?  Arithmetic?  Check.  Swimming?  What?

There's no mistake!  The third graders at Kimball Elementary School in San Diego, California can check swimming off on their report card, because it is an official part of their yearly curriculum.  Each student will spend an hour in the pool for four weeks in a row, building their swimming skills.  An old program, once retired for budgetary reasons, has been brought back in a renewed effort to teach real-world skills in the classroom and to encourage physical activity and overall health.  


It's not just the fish that are schooling these days!  In Richmond, Virginia a group of high school students and their teachers skip the walk and swim the mile to school.  The once a year event is part of an overall outdoors program that gets students out of the classroom and learning in the real world.  

Considering a move?

Should you be considering a move to Portugal, we have the real-estate listing of a lifetime!  "Floating" architecture, ocean-views, five-car garage, four unique en-suites, and TWO pools - voted among the best swimming pools in the word by Conde Nast Traveller.  And all of this high-tech, glassy, beauty can be yours for the bargain price of approximately $4.9 million dollars!

One House, Two Pools

A private residence with two pools is decadent enough, but when those pools stack like bunk beds and the upper has a glass bottom, that is (literally) a whole new level of luxury!  And when the double-decker pools come with an ocean view, well, it's no wonder this house comes without a price tag!