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When is a green pool a good thing?

When the pool is an eco-friendly natural pool! Natural pools are a new trend in sustainable living, eschewing chemicals in favor of a self-cleaning, plant based ecosystem. Designers and proponents claim that maintenance costs are much lower and that the cost of installing the pool itself is not much higher than that of installing a standard swimming pool. HGTV has a gallery of this fascinating concept in action. Here are a few of our favorites…

Backyards on a Budget

If your pool needs a makeover, but you aren’t ready to splurge on a full blown renovation, consider these small, budget friendly ideas that can make a big difference in your space.

  • Research low-maintenance plants and purchase from your local nursery.

  • Find low-cost furniture and planters on Craigslist or OfferUp and rehab with a coat of paint.

  • Build your own firepit and add some comfy chairs.

  • Rent or borrow a pressure washer to scour your backyard surfaces.

  • Create your own hammock for the perfect relaxation spot.

Natural Romance

For the sentimental romantic, there is nothing more fun than finding hearts in nature...and they can be found just about anywhere!  For the romantic swimmer, these naturally-formed, heart-shaped pools and lakes might just be the ultimate find!

From top to bottom: Heart Rock in California, Killarney Glen in Australia, and Heart Lake in Canada.

Backyard Romance

Our newsletter this month is full of fun date ideas for your Valentine's Day, but you don't have to leave home for romance!   Luxury Life Design has a gallery full of ideas for using your swimming pool to create that special ambiance.  They range from simple to extravagant, but all of them are elegant.  Take a look, get inspired, and then invest in some candles and flowers to surprise that special someone!

This Pool is on Fire!

We're reasonably certain that this is not a recommended practice for your pool, but it does look like a lot of fun, so enjoy the spectacle and learn some science.  (PS, if you do try this at home, please wear safety gloves or something. Safety first, backyard scientists!)

Swimming Indoors

This house takes the concept of an indoor swimming pool to a whole new level...literally.  A glass encased pool makes up the full second floor of the home creating a surprisingly tranquil atmosphere as the light flickers through the water making the library ceiling it's own work of art. Though we'd suggest the owners keep Aaron's Leak Detection on speed dial.  Just in case! 

Underwater Art

An LA art show was recently submerged in a swimming pool and visitors viewed the gallery by swimming across it wearing goggles.  Because, why not?  The show featured 18 unique pieces, but our favorite was the pile of dishes because we're definitely going to try this with the dinner plates tonight!  Nothing better than art with practical application!

Would you dare?

Acrophobia is the fear of heights and aquaphobia is the fear of water or swimming.  After swimming in the pool at Hotel Hubertus in South Tyrol, Italy, you may need a new term for the fear of swimming at great height!  This pool towers 40' above the ground, supported by what appear to be enormous logs, and featuring a convenient window at the bottom so that you can fully realize this new, yet-unnamed phobia.  

Considering a move?

Should you be considering a move to Portugal, we have the real-estate listing of a lifetime!  "Floating" architecture, ocean-views, five-car garage, four unique en-suites, and TWO pools - voted among the best swimming pools in the word by Conde Nast Traveller.  And all of this high-tech, glassy, beauty can be yours for the bargain price of approximately $4.9 million dollars!

One House, Two Pools

A private residence with two pools is decadent enough, but when those pools stack like bunk beds and the upper has a glass bottom, that is (literally) a whole new level of luxury!  And when the double-decker pools come with an ocean view, well, it's no wonder this house comes without a price tag!  

Natural Beauty

Check out this gorgeous pool carved straight out of a natural limestone quarry.  Located in an exclusive Massachusetts backyard, the pool is a unique and unusual addition.  It also comes with quite the build-story.  

Read more about it here.

And watch the video for a full tour!

A Dream of Swimming...

"...dream of lazy days under the sun while surrounded by all the traffic and business going on at Rockefeller Plaza."  Dreaming is all you may do though, as this pool is vertical.  And empty.  

Rockefeller Center's new art installation is titled "Van Gogh's" ear in a reference to the shape of the pool.  And of course, "The title Van Gogh’s Ear plays on the mythological versus the ordinary. We thought it was a perfect name for a swimming pool of this shape. It opens up the possibility for a different perception of the form itself. And like the myth of Van Gogh cutting off his ear in despair, the dislocated pool will hopefully make people wonder ‘why?’, and pursue their own reasoning behind this inexplicable scenario.”

Gotta love art!