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Featured Float #4

Here's another one you'll need some space for!  But there's room for the whole party AND this one is like a pool within the pool with it's basin for cooling off your toes.

Featured Float #2

Cool off in the water and then lounge in the shade, all without leaving your pool!  This floating lounge is the perfect spot to curl up with a summer novel and a chilled beverage.

Featured Float #1

This June we're all about staying cool in this summer heat and the best way to do that is in your pool!  We'll be bringing you the most amazing pool floats we can find to keep you swimming in style all summer long!

First up is this magnificent, magical unicorn float.  You may need a little extra room in the pool for this one, but it's worth it!  (If you simply can't fit it in, you can still have the magic in miniature for your favorite drink!

The Taste of Summer

Summer has a flavor and I'm pretty sure you can find it in one of these light and refreshing beverages!  Cool your guests down with on of these fruitful delights.  Just be sure to stock up on extra ingredients because that punch bowl is going to empty fast!

On a Stick

When hosting a pool party, it's often best to keep things simple.  For food, a great way to do this is to create grab-and-go options that minimize the mess.  In other words, serve it on a stick!  You can skewer every course from the appetizer all the way to dessert and as the options are endless, it can be as kid-friendly or as fancy pants as you desire.  Check out these great ideas to get inspired!

Fruity Fun

This month's newsletter is full of tips for throwing the perfect pool party!  We're going to follow along on the blog with ideas for fun-in-the-sun snacks!  For example, if you haven't been on Pinterest recently (or ever) you may not know that there are 101 ways to serve fruit and hardly any of them involve plates or bowls.  Check it out...

Pool Noodle Fun

Pool Noodles are surprisingly fun all on their own.  They are unexpectedly buoyant and perfect for for sword fights.  But with a little creativity they can be so, so much more!

Pool Noodle Life Hacks

It's that time of year again - pool noodle season!  The deceptively simple foam tubes can be found in just about any store and they can do so much more than keep you afloat!  This month we'll be bringing you suggestions both surprising and fun for new ways to make the noodle work for you!

We're kicking it off with some truly ingenious life hacks!  Check these out...

Backyard Romance

Our newsletter this month is full of fun date ideas for your Valentine's Day, but you don't have to leave home for romance!   Luxury Life Design has a gallery full of ideas for using your swimming pool to create that special ambiance.  They range from simple to extravagant, but all of them are elegant.  Take a look, get inspired, and then invest in some candles and flowers to surprise that special someone!

Get the most out of your pool!

Through our Newsletter and this blog, we have shared so many ways to use your pool to celebrate the holidays and to have a little fun!  Underwater pumpkin carving and floating pumpkin patches for Halloween, floating (and submerged) egg hunts for Easter, boat races and so many more fun ideas!  Now here's one more to add to the list - movies at the pool!  You can buy a screen or build your own.  Add a projector and voila, a cruise ship experience in the privacy of your own backyard!

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Festive Underwater Babies

We've brought you underwater babies before, but in this month's newsletter we bring you festive underwater babies.  These little ones are all set for Easter and share their Spring spirit in an irresistibly adorable underwater photo shoot.  The photos were taken at Water Babies, the world's leading baby swim school who seek to provide safety and confidence to the very youngest of swimmers.  

Can't get enough of these cuties?  Check out a full gallery here!

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DIY Fun in the Sun

Pool noodles are back in stock so it's time for a little DIY fun. has some great ideas for everything from DIY solar heaters, to convenient floating trays, to handmade games.  Pool noodles are the basis for most, though not all, of these fun creations, so stock up and get to crafting!

This Pool is on Fire!

We're reasonably certain that this is not a recommended practice for your pool, but it does look like a lot of fun, so enjoy the spectacle and learn some science.  (PS, if you do try this at home, please wear safety gloves or something. Safety first, backyard scientists!)

Swimming is Perfection

If you're in search of the perfect fitness routine, look no further than your backyard swimming pool.  A recent Times article quotes research that highlights swimming as a low-impact, full body workout that strengthens your lungs, improves your posture, and elevates your mood.  So give that gym membership the old heave-ho and take a dip!