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Why Runners Should (Also) Swim

A recent article on Runner’s World shares why runners should look no further than their backyard pool to boost their skills. Swimming provides an excellent low-impact cardio alternative both as a supplement to your regular running regimen and as an fill-in when recovering from an injury. Swimming also builds the muscles you need for running, has almost no risk of injury, and adds a little variety to your training routine. Plus it’s just plain fun and just about the only way you can work out without working up a sweat! What’s not to love?


Christmas Greetings - Florida Style

It’s Christmas card season! Time to get out the stamps and pens and glitter and spread a little holiday cheer. Photo cards are all the rage and Florida’s balmy winters provide some unique opportunities for adding a little warmth to your greetings. Take your Christmas photos next to the palm trees on the beach or by (or even IN!) your family pool. Your family will smile at the extra bit of sunshine…if they don’t turn grich-y green with envy!

Here are some adorable swimming Christmas babies to inspire YOUR photo shoot…

Eerie Ambiance

Dry ice always creates an impressive display. Add an abundance of glowing candles for an extra spooky effect.

Floating Pumpkins

A little more effort than the plastic jack-o-lanterns, but with a lot more room for creativity! Float your carved pumpkins with battery-operated tea lights inside.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The spider isn’t so itsy bitsy anymore! You’ll need lots of balloons, including some oversized ones, some string, and a helium tank - but it’s a pretty impressive display if you can pull it off! Who’s game?

Ahoy, matey!

If you’re planning a Halloween party this season, don’t leave out your swimming pool! This month keep an eye on the blog for some simple and inexpensive ways to add some silly scares to your favorite swimming hole!

First up is the simplest of all! $1 plastic jack-o-lantern pails and with glow sticks or tea lights inside - set them afloat for a colorful backdrop.

Add a Banana

To close out our month of the s'more, we bring you an option that is not, strictly speaking, a s'more.  In fact, when I was a kid we called these "banana boats".  But all the s'more components are there and they are absolutely scrumptious, so no apologies!  Enjoy!

S'More S'Mores

This month's Newsletter is all about fire pits, and nothing goes with a fire pit better than s'mores!  The classic recipe stands the test of time, but it's always fun to tinker a bit.  This month we're bringing you inspiration for a new spin on the old favorite.

First up - the outer layer.  The graham cracker is simple to pack and sturdy enough to support the gooey insides, but a cookie!  Oh man, a cookie just adds a whole nother layer of yum.  You can pick up your favorite fudge stripe cookie for a simple swap or go a little Martha Stewart and bake your own.  Either way the results are amazing!

It's that time of year again!

For those of you still in the family years... 

Happy Back to School!

We wish you and your children a fantastic year of learning and growing!


There's an app for that...

If you're into DIY, you may be considering or may even already handle your own pool maintenance.  Did you know there's an app for that?  In fact, there are a bunch of them!  From tracking your chemical levels, to remotely controlling the lights and pump, there are a dizzying array of options for interacting with your pool over the wi-fi.  It's a brave new world!  

Check out Swim University's comprehensive list of useful apps here!

Rain and Your Pool


Florida summers aren't just hot, they are also WET!  And as this year seems even rainier than usual, it seems the perfect opportunity to revisit the effects of rain on your swimming pool. 

Take a few minutes to check out this helpful guide to understanding the impact of the afternoon (morning and evening, too!) thunderstorms on your pool.

Featured Float #4

Here's another one you'll need some space for!  But there's room for the whole party AND this one is like a pool within the pool with it's basin for cooling off your toes.

Featured Float #2

Cool off in the water and then lounge in the shade, all without leaving your pool!  This floating lounge is the perfect spot to curl up with a summer novel and a chilled beverage.

Featured Float #1

This June we're all about staying cool in this summer heat and the best way to do that is in your pool!  We'll be bringing you the most amazing pool floats we can find to keep you swimming in style all summer long!

First up is this magnificent, magical unicorn float.  You may need a little extra room in the pool for this one, but it's worth it!  (If you simply can't fit it in, you can still have the magic in miniature for your favorite drink!