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Happy New Year

The team at Aaron's Leak Detection wishes you the very best for the new year.  Happy 2018!

Get the most out of your pool!

Through our Newsletter and this blog, we have shared so many ways to use your pool to celebrate the holidays and to have a little fun!  Underwater pumpkin carving and floating pumpkin patches for Halloween, floating (and submerged) egg hunts for Easter, boat races and so many more fun ideas!  Now here's one more to add to the list - movies at the pool!  You can buy a screen or build your own.  Add a projector and voila, a cruise ship experience in the privacy of your own backyard!

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Rethinking the Plastic Egg

Easter is over, the candy has been eaten, and all that remains are lots and lots of plastic eggs. You could throw them away or toss them up in the attic to forget about until after you've already bought the eggs for next year's hunt OR you could repurpose them.

These ideas and many, many more found on

Tips to Childproof Your Pool

Having a pool at your Orlando home would definitely provide endless entertainment for your family, especially during summer. However, with fun, comes responsibility-- installing a pool means you have to prepare yourself from the ever present danger of drowning and injury, especially if there are children in your home.  These tips mentioned below, are just some of the ways you can childproof your pool.

Important Tips to Childproof Your Pool

Tip 1: Pool Alarms Can Be a Life Saver
Pool alarms should be included in the protective “layers” of your childproof pool. Wherein, the first alarm should be for the gate or door of the pool, while the second alarm can be an alarm for the around the pool area, so that you'll get notified whenever someone enters the pool. Aside from these, a lot of homeowners are also incorporating a third alarm for children that should be worn on the wrist, and sound will come out of it once it gets close contact with water.

Tip 2: A Rigid Pool Cover Will Lessen the Risks of Drowning
Aside from the alarms, rigid pool covers are also considered to be a must-have if you really want to childproof your pool. Unlike soft covers that could sink into the water because it's soft, rigid pool covers would stay strong and be able to support your child's weight, if in case he decides to climb on it.

Tip 3: Fences Are Very, Very Important
As a responsible property owner, swimming pool fences should be a part of your construction plan-- whether you have children or not. Not only will it protect your children, future children, and grandchildren from entering the pool, it would also keep your pets and any wildlife animals from drowning in the waters. Ideally, the fence should be at least 4 feet tall, and it should come with a self-latching and self-closing gate.

Tip 4: Nothing Beats Parental Supervision
Although this one may seem pretty obvious, a lot of parents still fail to follow this. Parental supervision is essential, most children, especially the younger ones, need constant monitoring at all times.

Other Childproof Tips to Consider:
You can protect your kids from drowning by making sure they won't be able to enter the pool without your consent, and here's how.
- Even if you already have a fence around the backyard, if you're living in Orlando, you'll also be required to enclose your pool with a fence that's at least 4-feet tall.
- By adding extra latches and locks to the exterior of your house, you'll be able to ensure that your child would stay inside the house unless you let him out.
- Make sure that the door alarms, as well as fence alarms are working properly at all time.
- For those with an above-ground pool, don't forget to remove the ladder when no one is swimming in the pool.

Final Words

As a homeowner and a parent, you have to ensure that your backyard pool is completely childproof. In order to make the pool safe for children, the tips mentioned above are really worth considering. Through this, you'll have the peace of mind that no accidents will ever happen even if you accidentally leave your children unattended.

Today's article was submitted by Warner Quinlan.

Festive Underwater Babies

We've brought you underwater babies before, but in this month's newsletter we bring you festive underwater babies.  These little ones are all set for Easter and share their Spring spirit in an irresistibly adorable underwater photo shoot.  The photos were taken at Water Babies, the world's leading baby swim school who seek to provide safety and confidence to the very youngest of swimmers.  

Can't get enough of these cuties?  Check out a full gallery here!

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DIY Fun in the Sun

Pool noodles are back in stock so it's time for a little DIY fun. has some great ideas for everything from DIY solar heaters, to convenient floating trays, to handmade games.  Pool noodles are the basis for most, though not all, of these fun creations, so stock up and get to crafting!

This Pool is on Fire!

We're reasonably certain that this is not a recommended practice for your pool, but it does look like a lot of fun, so enjoy the spectacle and learn some science.  (PS, if you do try this at home, please wear safety gloves or something. Safety first, backyard scientists!)

Swimming is Perfection

If you're in search of the perfect fitness routine, look no further than your backyard swimming pool.  A recent Times article quotes research that highlights swimming as a low-impact, full body workout that strengthens your lungs, improves your posture, and elevates your mood.  So give that gym membership the old heave-ho and take a dip!

Dive Deeper

What if you could indulge a passion, help others, AND break a world record?  A man in Aurora, Illinois is setting out to do all three by building the world's deepest warm water swimming pool The pool would allow for therapeutic scuba diving sessions and break the current record of 137 feet deep, held by a pool in Italy.

DIY Solar

If you have a little time and a lot of hula hoops, you might consider this DIY method of solar heating your pool.  A project, a conversation piece, and warmer water...what more could you ask for?  (Note: this method is only recommended for those with kids willing to dive in and retrieve all of these things when it's time to swim!)

Cold Critters

It was a bad week for livestock and a busy one for firemen as brave heroes from Oklahoma to Washington pulled floundering cows and horses from freezing cold swimming pools.  The four legged critters would like to remind all responsible pool owners that you can't go wrong with a good pool fence!  

Warm your Heart

It's chilly out there in Central Florida, so today we bring you the heartwarming story of a baby elephant swimming his way back to health after being injured in a poacher's trap.  Take a look and feel the warmth seep from your heart all the way to your toes before you head back out in the cold!